How to Turn Your Backyard Into the Ultimate Staycation!!!

Jul 6, 2020 10:23:00 AM / by Recreation Pro Content Team

During uncertain times, it’s harder than ever to count on getting away for that annual summer vacation, whether you usually head for a cabin in the woods or a beach resort. But staying home doesn’t have to mean stuck at home. Whatever your family’s usual getaway destination, you can have fun designing and enjoying a “staycation” that caters to your vacation vibe.

The Great American Camp Out

Barbecue in nature, group of people preparing sausages on fire (note shallow dof)Does your family like to keep things on the rustic side when you hit the road? Create a backyard that fits that roughing-it mood. One or two tents on the outskirts of the patio create the look -- and the fun -- of a real campground. And because you’re at home, you can add whimsical touches to those tents like strings of twinkling lights on the outside, and colorful rugs and throw pillows within.

If you don’t already have a fire-pit, consider building a simple stone one on your patio, or getting a basic metal pit for your deck. That, and some comfortable chairs, is all you really need for hot dog roasts and campfire songs all summer long. 

An Exotic Retreat

If your summer holiday dreams usually feature tropical or Mediterranean landscapes, making a few simple tweaks to your outdoor space may just add a little holiday spice to your staycation.

Maybe now’s the time to build that outdoor pizza oven you’ve always wanted -- or at least invest in a chiminea-style fireplace. Replace your tattered umbrella and patio chair cushions with brightly-patterned ones. Add the kind of festive candles, lanterns or tiki torches that provide nighttime lighting while chasing away the bugs.

These days, family-sized inflatable pools rival installed ones in terms of size, yet cost a fraction of the price. Put some potted palms around the outside of the pool, and maybe even tall cafe tables to hold drinks, to ramp up that “exotic retreat” feel.

If you’ve got energy to burn, consider further enhancing your outdoor space by expanding your garden. Whether you opt for a patio garden brimming over with colorful flowers and fragrant herbs in terra cotta pots -- or garden beds in which you can add endless color and heavenly scent -- you can turn your own backyard into a special getaway. 

Don’t Forget the “Play-cation”! canva-image-2

When kids are stuck at home, they’ll appreciate backyard spaces that are truly all their own. Make sure they have room to run around, as well as and equipment to play on.

Our in-ground trampolines are the perfect focal point for that ultimate “play-cation.” They integrate into any backyard, whether as part of a mini-playground or as an element of sophisticated landscape design.

Best of all, in-ground trampolines don’t require kids to climb onto a ladder, or ask mom or dad for a boost!

Got a Texan Staycation Coming Up?

It’s never too late to incorporate fun elements into your backyard, for this year and years to come. Call us to learn more about how in-ground trampolines can “jump-start” any staycation!

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